Make sure that your transport provider is a Transport Accredited Operator.  If not, do not book with them. 

If you see a limousine that you like, book it ASAP.  All the best vehicles book out first – book early, so as that you don’t miss out. 

Two key details needed in the early stages of planning your wedding are your starting time and suburb and your finishing time and suburb.  Once you have these basic details, book your vehicle ASAP. 

Why not start the hire right from the very start of your wedding day.  Then you will have the car to take you to get your hair and make-up done and any extra errands that need to be done. 

To avoid extra stress book the limousine an extra 30 minutes.  This saves you from worrying about traffic, delays with the photographer etc.  As with everything on your wedding day, you only get one go at getting things right, so don't try to rush your hire times. It pays in the long run to book a little extra time - just in case. 

The limousine hire cost begins from the time of arrival at your pick up point and finishes usually when you arrive at your reception. 

Why not enquire about getting the limousine to take you to your hotel after the reception.

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